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August 2012
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Voting is now open for the Great Charity Giveaway

So many people contribute to O.A.T.S... they give their time and their money. Now here's a way you can help O.A.T.S. that won't cost you a penny and takes less than a minute: vote for us in the Suburban Collection's Great Charity Giveaway. First prize is $15,000; but even 10th place is worth $1,000. That's a lot of hay, either way.

Elf named mayor of Oxford

When it came to appointing the Village of Oxford's first mayor, it was Elf by a landslide.

Elf was named mayor following the pet parade/contest held in downtown's Centennial Park as part of Celebrate Oxford on Wed., Aug. 8. Elf and volunteer Lynn Daniels even made the local paper. You can read the story in the Oxford Leader.

Smiles on Saddles Day Camp

We had another two great weeks of day camp thanks to our many volunteers and some special entertainment and activities. On Tues., Jul. 31, Chris Clark brought his many talents-- magic, juggling, puppetry and DJing-- to O.A.T.S. and treated everyone to a wonderful performance. Natalie Bohay had a wonderful idea this year-- let's have archery at camp! O.A.T.S., along with the wonderful folks from the Oakland County Sportsmen Club made it happen.


Also, many thanks to the team from Dayco (pictured below) for all their volunteering. They helped with our Smiles on Saddles Day Camp, mended the fence, weeded our entrance AND brought a contribution to help with rising hay costs.


On the calendar:


Our mission
To promote the health, happiness & well-being of handicapped individuals through horseback riding and related activities.


Congratulations to...

Volunteer Gretchen Hurlbert
, who became a grandma to Elly Simpson on Jul. 18. You can see photos of her beautiful granddaughter in the new O.A.T.S. Photo Gallery page.

All our high school graduates, like volunteer Erika, who's off to Perdue University to become a vet. Visit our new Photo Gallery on our website to see some of our graduates.
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